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Terms and Conditons

Customer Declaration:

Dogs will be accepted for grooming after the Owner (or other responsible person) has filled in and signed a Customer Declaration Form.

By signing the form you are deemed to have accepted those Terms and Conditions, however; if we groom your dog in the absence of a signed CDF, you are deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions set out here, which are subject to change at any time.


Matted Dogs:

In the event of any dog needing a shave down/clip down, the owner should be aware that irritation may occur from the shaving process, as well as uncovering nicks, cuts or other potential problems.


The owner agrees that Zen Pet Spa and/or its staff will not be held liable for any after-grooming effects of matt clipping procedures or problems "uncovered" by clipping off a badly matted, neglected coat. This could include, but is not limited to the following: itchiness, skin redness, irritations or abrasions however caused, post groom furunculosis, pyoderma - superficial or deep and/or pyotraumatic dermatitis.

No dog will be subjected to stress or discomfort and all dogs will be groomed in accordance with The Animal Welfare Act 2007.

A shave-down will always incur extra fees, the only exception being a dog brought in by a recognised Rescue Centre Staff member.

We photograph and/or video every case of neglect brought into the salon for grooming and we also save a sample of fur. We reserve the right to use these items as we deem appropriate.


Dangerous Dogs:

The owner (or other responsible person) agrees to inform Zen Pet Spa prior to grooming if the dog has bitten or has aggressive tendencies.

Zen Pet Spa reserves the right to muzzle your dog or ask you to muzzle your own dog or to refuse to groom them if they represents a danger to ourselves or other dogs in the salon. Unless this has been discussed and agreed before hand we reserve the right to turn your dog away without grooming them - however the full starting price for your groom will still be charged because at that point we cannot fill your appointment.


Normal Condition:

It is assumed that you will bring your dog into the salon in Normal Condition. That is; that you groom your dog at home (right down to the skin) regularly between appointments, and that you will present your dog at the salon in an unmatted and dry state. Any condition other than "Normal" will most probably take us longer to groom and will therefore incur additional charges.


Cancelling your appointment:

When you make an appointment with Zen Dog Spa you are obliged to pay for it as we will turn other customers away under the assumption that you are coming. We are a small and busy salon and can generally fill your slot - given 2 working days notice. But you cannot cancel your 9am, Monday morning appointment on Sunday evening and expect to dodge the fee!


Wee Wee's Please!

Please ensure your dog has had an adequate chance to relieve itself before you come to the salon.

Please bag up your dog's mess and put it in the bin if your dog has an accident outside our home.



anal gland expression is deemed to be a "veterinary procedure" by some vets and therefore under the Veterinary Surgeons Act we are now prevented from performing this service for you.



Zen Dog Spa accepts Internet Transfer, Cash and most major credit cards.



Although we would love to be able to, we do not have the space to provide a doggy-daycare service. If you do not collect your dog at the agreed time we will charge £10.00 per hour or part thereof for babysitting them for you.

Once your dog is registered with us they will be eligible for free interim nail appointments. Sorry, but this offer does not extend to other dogs in your family.


If you are unsure which tools and / or products to use to groom your dog with between appointments please ask, we're happy to help and advise you.

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